We build ambitious digital health products.

Lightmatter is a team of designers, developers, and strategists that build software applications to help the world's most promising health companies improve the lives of their patients.

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Changing the world begins with taking care of the humans in it.

Since 2013, Lightmatter has built digital products for all kinds of founders, teams, and industries. Building is intoxicating. It's core to our DNA.

As we've grown, we noticed that the work we were most proud of, the work that had the greatest impact on others, was in health.

Our clients were building products to solve problems we've all experienced as patients: broken telehealth portals, apps that neglected usability, and software that compromised PHI.

Covid heightened just how inadequate these digital health experiences are when we’ve needed them most.

We've narrowed our focus to health because the digital products we build can have an immediate impact on the health, wellness, and HCIT companies we serve...and the patients that they serve.

To make any meaningful change in the world, we have to take care of the humans in it.

Our Services

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Branding and Websites

We create memorable healthcare brands and thoughtful websites to support them. Whether building a new company or breathing life into an old look, we craft polished marketing experiences both online and off.

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UX and UI Design

We design engaging user experiences and beautiful user interfaces. Whether for patients, clinicians, or the teams who support them, we innovate through design for all types of user personas and reduce the friction commonly experienced in digital health products.

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Software Development

We help companies thoughtfully plan, build, and launch their most important software projects. We develop web and mobile apps, APIs, and integrations for some of the world's leading health companies and fast growing startups.

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Data Engineering & Mobile Health

We build interfaces to support connected health devices and the large volumes of data they generate. From remote diagnostics to wearables, telemedicine to patient monitoring, we help companies collect, interpret, and understand their patient data.

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