Application Design and Development

Many companies can develop software. But few actually understand and can pair the correct technology choices with design, especially in the right order. This is the most important skill for a company's longevity and profitability when creating a digital product.

Fortunately, we've got you covered.


Some of our work

  • Cadence UX, UI, Development
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    Cadence, a NYC based startup that helps qualify and source alternative investments, partnered with Lightmatter to design, develop, and launch their very first Web and Mobile application. We worked with this fast growing startup to build out a fully mobile responsive platform that tokenizes each investment opportunity on a distributed ledger. After working with our team, they went on to raise funds from Coinbase Ventures and other notable investors.

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  • Moodcaster UX, UI, Development

    Moodcaster helps talent scouts and managers find and connect with aspiring actors. Our team designed, developed, and launched their very first Mobile App on iOS for actors to record self made auditions, alongside building their SaaS platform as a Web Application for directors and creative agencies to browse and manage talent.

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  • Galileo Health UX, UI, Development
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    Galileo is a NYC startup disrupting the healthcare industry through a value based care delivery model and digital platform. We partnered with Galileo to help alongside their engineering team design, develop, and launch many of their web platforms and apps over the course of a multi-month period.

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