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A brand is more than a logo, color palette, or fancy typography. It's your entire digital reputation and the experience users have interacting with your product. That's why we take pride in combining both the visual and digital elements of a company's identity into one cohesive message.

Creating a styleguide, brand book, deck or CMS? Let us help you craft the right experience for your audience.


Some of our work

  • Corigin Ventures Branding, UX, UI, CMS Development
    corigin-first.png corigin-send.png corigin-third.png corigin-fourth.png

    Corigin Ventures, a NYC based seed stage firm, needed a new web presence to capture their mission as a VC: to invest at the intersection of digital and physical worlds. As part of Corigin real-estate group, their previous brand and website did not yet reflect their unique thesis and experience investing in both spaces. Lightmatter worked with the Corigin Ventures team through a full branding exercise to design and develop their new digital presence using Wagtail CMS.

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  • Two Chairs UX, CMS Development
    twochairs-one.png twochairs-two.png

    Finding the right therapist can be challenging, especially if it's your first time seeking care. Commute time, personality differences, and overall unfamiliarity with the experience can make this process difficult. Two Chairs makes it easy to find the right clinician by discovering and matching you with therapists, and then following your progress along the way. Lightmatter partnered with this SF based startup to design and develop a custom CMS using Wagtail to help communicate the companies brand, messaging, and mission.

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  • Tempest UX, CMS Development
    tempest-one.png tempest-two.png tempest-third.png

    Tempest, a fast growing startup who's mission is to provide online support and coaching for those battling alcoholism, approached Lightmatter to help design and develop their their company's web presence and email templates for their online sobriety school newsletter. Our teams collaborated to build an easy to use CMS using GatsbyJS alongside custom email templates integrated directly with Salesforce.

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  • Codecademy Branding, UX, UI, CMS Development

    Codecademy offers online courses and tutorials for people learning software design, development, and computer science skills, whether for beginners or advanced students. As part of a New Year's resolution initiative to help potential students take their first steps, we created a class discovery app to help students create and commit to their resolutions.

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