Enterprise Digital Transformation

As a company grows, so does its digital surface area. Backend applications, API's, and company websites must be ready for this expansion. Over time though, software and code debt begin to accumulate as the company experiences acquisitions, mergers, and side projects using different technologies and frameworks. This burden of managing this digital infrastructure can overwhelm teams, making consolidation and new development near impossible.

We're experts at helping companies navigate their technical debt and successfully create a software roadmap to transform their business through innovative and strategic initiatives.


Some of our work

  • NYT Software Audit, UX, UI, Development

    The New York Times hired Lightmatter to perform an audit of their software infrastructure and to create a strategic roadmap for their digital advertising unit, T Brand Studios, over the course of a multi-year period. Our team audited developer workflows and designs, investigated existing infrastructure, and looked critically at the company’s software development process as a whole. We then built a comprehensive outline to guide their engineering and product team over the coming years and continued our partnership to actually implement it. We wrote code side by side with their engineers, eliminated repetitive processes, and improved the organizations overall software lifecycle so that they could create and publish custom advertisements faster.

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  • LACMA Software Audit, UX, UI, Development

    The Los Angeles County Museum of Art partnered with Lightmatter to completely digitize the pen and paper system that tracked the organization's art and installations, know as MORA, or Museum Object Record Archive. This system manages all of the information and operations needed to organize the storing, transportation, and installation of the museum's collection pieces, and all of the minute details behind each piece of art such as framing instructions, time on display, and long term storage requirements. Lightmatter designed, developed, and launched this platform, helping the museum increase archival accuracy, reduce costs, and improve organization-wide workflows.

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  • iconectiv Software Audit, UX, UI, Development, Data Migration

    One of the world’s leading communications and security solutions providers, iconectiv worked with Lightmatter on a series of design, development and security projects regarding the transfer and storage of sensitive telecommunications data. Additionally our team helped iconectiv consolidate multiple web properties into a cohesive multi-site CMS, and created an internal digital style-guide to act as resource and template to use for future digital initiatives.

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