Two Front
Tech-first dental & orthodontia care
We partnered with Two Front to connect patients, dentists, and orthodontists to deliver top-of-the-line virtual dental care.
Our Work
Product Design
About the client
Dr. Ingrid Murra knows first-hand how empowering a beautiful smile can be
After three years of braces, she emerged with a new smile and the self-confidence that opened a world of opportunities for her. Years later, now an orthodontist, she’s empowering others to feel the same–and at scale.
As the founder and CEO of Two Front, Ingrid has built a tech-enabled platform that connects patients, dentists, and orthodontists. Two Front acts as an operating system for actual orthodontists to deliver custom at-home and telehealth care through the coupling of the best technology and the best experience.
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Dr. Ingrid Murra
Founder, Two Front
Our goal
Create a consistent user experience that balances multiple user personas
Ingrid and her team wanted to build a compelling experience that balanced three main user types: orthodontists, dentists, and patients.
Tools and data analytics for Orthodontists and Dentists
Experiences that focus on sales tools for revenue and bookings data are expected and used to attract these professionals to the platform.
Simplicity and ease of use for Patients
The platform needs to reduce the friction often felt in health workflows such as account creation, intake forms, scheduling, payments, etc.
“We looked at Two Front's assets and were able to work quick to create a solid UI kit curabitur blandit tempus porttitor orbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum at eros.”
Stacey Lee-Weitz
Design Lead, Lightmatter
Our approach
Build a system from a solid foundation
To suggest improvements that could make an immediate impact on the Two Front workflows, our team aggregated and audited all the brand and product assets.

We then analyzed research and insights from orthodontists, dentists, and patients gathered in surveys.
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These included onboarding, scheduling, checkout, dashboards, and more for each persona.
Core workflows based on our findings & key product requirements
For all personas, seamless communication and care feedback loops are critical.
Refined wireframes, hi-fi designs
We reduced complexity throughout the care experience by focusing on aesthetics such as transitions, animations, and data state (default, error, empty, and loading screens).
The outcome
Two Front team attracted solid investor & customer attention
By showcasing the designs at conferences and networking events, the Two Front team  attracted investor and customer attention and launched to great success.

Thanks to Ingrid’s product, patients interested in straighter teeth are able to easily create an account, book appointments, navigate a transparent treatment plan & checkout process, and receive custom Invisalign treatment.

Orthodontists and dentists can provide high-quality care AND visualize the sales data to grow their practice.
4 different, isolated hands outstretched holding clear teeth retainers.
“Nullam quis risus eget urna mollis ornare vel eu leo lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit.”
Dr. Ingrid Murra
Founder, Two Front