Intelligent pregnacy care
We partenerd with Delfina to help identify high-risk patients in early or active labor.
Our Work
Product Design
Delfina is an AI-powered care management platform designed to predict (and prevent) pregnancy complications.
For the initial version of the platform, Delfina wanted to focus their expertise on maternal and fetal monitoring to identify high-risk patients in early or active labor and make that data interpretable and usable to clinicians.
About the client
Good design can save lives, and Founder Senan Ebrahim knows this for a fact.
Previous to Delfina, Senan co-founded Hikma Health, the world’s first EMR and mobile health data system designed specifically for refugees. In countries like Syria, Lebanon, and Nicaragua, with low internet connectivity and dated operating systems, software design often shifts from aesthetically pleasing and user-centric to purely functional.

However, Hikma went against the status quo to reduce friction as much as possible. After seeing how impactful product design was on adoption, Senan knew his next company needed to invest in it just as heavily.
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As a Harvard physician-neuroscientist and entrepreneur dedicated to using technology to improve global health, Senan and Eliza Nguyen co-founded Delfina after witnessing the challenges faced by birthing parents and their care teams.
“We looked at Two Front's assets and were able to work quick to create a solid UI kit curabitur blandit tempus porttitor orbi leo risus, porta ac consectetur ac, vestibulum at eros.”
Stacey Lee-Weitz
Design Lead, Lightmatter
Our approach
Build a system from a solid foundation
To suggest improvements that could make an immediate impact on the Two Front workflows, our team aggregated and audited all the brand and product assets.

We then analyzed research and insights from orthodontists, dentists, and patients gathered in surveys.
The outcome
Two Front team attracted solid investor & customer attention
By showcasing the designs at conferences and networking events, the Two Front team  attracted investor and customer attention and launched to great success.

Thanks to Ingrid’s product, patients interested in straighter teeth are able to easily create an account, book appointments, navigate a transparent treatment plan & checkout process, and receive custom Invisalign treatment.

Orthodontists and dentists can provide high-quality care AND visualize the sales data to grow their practice.
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Dr. Ingrid Murra
Founder, Two Front