A woman using the Galileo app on her phone to refill a prescription.

Redesigning a broken healthcare system from the inside out

Building a tech-enabled, modern medical practice with a new delivery model for patients of all conditions.

Our Work

UX Design
Software Development

A headshot of Tom X Lee.
About the client

Tom Lee knows healthcare

His first company, Epocrates, exited to Athena Health, and was the first medical product in Apple’s app store. His second company, One Medical, went public and was recently acquired by Amazon.

Now on his third company, Galileo, Tom’s mission as a serial healthcare entrepreneur and physician is to solve patient care systemically for everyone.

“I ended up being an entrepreneur out of necessity.”
Dr. Tom X Lee, Founder & CEO
Our approach

Mapping what healthcare delivery should look like

We partnered with Tom and the founding Galileo team to define product requirements and visualize application workflows. We questioned all assumptions about the current healthcare system, and articulated through design what it would take to increase care quality, achieve cost reductions for payors, and improve patient outcomes.

A screenshot of Galileo’s marketing website that reads “The best care. Period.” paired with an overlapping image of healthcare professionals.

Designing journeys to be patient-first and tech-first

Starting from scratch, our team created low fidelity UX wireframes and a prototype of the first version of Galileo's iOS application.

We built upon anecdotal feedback from physicians and patients, our own user research, and Tom and his team's decades of wisdom in healthcare.

Galileo’s marketing website on mobile, on a page that reads “Download the Galileo App.”

Telehealth... but thoughtful

Patient intake, onboarding, profiles, prescriptions, chat, health records, and other core workflows were all tactfully designed.

A collection of various components from Galileo’s UI including buttons, messages, prescription medication, physician cards, and more.

A custom EHR with a physician portal

Alongside Galileo's engineering team, our developers then built multiple applications for the platform's technical infrastructure. We focused on the admin portal, creating dashboards for physicians and communication interfaces for patients. We integrated third party services, optimized databases, consolidated medical records, and created an ecosystem of tools to effectively administer care.

A mobile screen of Galileo’s messaging feature. The conversation is between a Galileo doctor and a patient discussing a suspected STI diagnosis.
An image of a young woman with a relaxed expression using her phone paired with an overlapping user testimonial. The testimonial reads “Getting medical care through Galileo was the most convenient and comprehensive health experience I’ve had in quite a while. I feel comfortable using Galileo for the majority of my health needs.”
The result

An unmatched, equitable experience

Having launched, Galileo has touched more than 100,000 lives to date.

With a robust technology platform, concierge-like service, and multi-specialty clinicians, Galileo has created a care delivery platform that’s improving health outcomes and tackling health inequities across the U.S.

“Galileo represents our best thinking today, at the edge of the new frontier.”
Dr. Tom X Lee, Founder & CEO